Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Mission and Vision Statement

Vision | In appreciation of the rich and varied cultures that exist in
our respective countries, we pledge to embrace diversity, not run
from it; to celebrate our differences, not hide from them; to face the
past with honesty and humility and thus learn from it; and to
perpetuate a positive exchange of stories and experiences that can
enrich our service and our lives. In so doing, we are empowered with
the knowledge that we will take home a legacy of strength far greater
than anything we can hope to leave behind.

Mission | Using lessons drawn from the histories of both the Republic
of South Africa and the United States of America, as well as from the
stories and experiences of volunteers, the Peace Corps South Africa
Diversity Committee will create and implement strategies for genuine
and respectful exchange in order to promote the awareness and value
of diversity. We aim to:

- Encourage and assist the practice of authentic dialogue between
volunteers and host country nationals;
- Support understanding about diversity among our fellow
volunteers through creating and developing team-building
activities and dialogue strategies;
- Prepare all volunteers—of every heritage and persuasion—for
the special challenges pertaining to diversity that may arise in
South Africa;
- Support and advise other volunteer committees—including
Volunteer Advisory Committee and Volunteer Support
Network—in addressing diversity issues;
- Assist Peace Corps South Africa staff in addressing issues
surrounding the diversity of volunteers.

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